System Dogon in binary options

System Dogon in binary options

The Dogon, the Nommos and the Mystery of Sirius B

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Carl Sagan has noted that the first reported association of the Dogon with the knowledge of Sirius as a binary star was in the 1940s, giving the Dogon ample opportunity to gain cosmological knowledge about Sirius and the Solar System from more scientifically advanced, terrestrial societies whom they had come in contact with. It has also been pointed out that binary star systems like Sirius are theorized to have a very narrow or non-existent Habitable zone , and thus a high improbability of containing a planet capable of sustaining life (particularly life as dependent on water as the Nommos were reported to be).

It seems that Sirius still forms an important part of religious beliefs and spiritual practice. The Dog Star is thought to be the central focus of the teachings and symbolism of some secret societies that survive until this day.

Extract on animal mutilations and UFO connection from the "UFOs: It has begun" 1976 documentary (one of the very few no-nonsense ones on the subject), narrated by French ufologist Jacques Vallee, PhD (9min):

There is also suggestive evidence for interbreeding between San and Biaka and sister Homo species , as well as evidence for interbreeding between migrating human groups out of Africa with Neanderthal and Denisovian Homo erectus populations.

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The astronomers knew that Sirius B must be made of a super dense matter, but the specifics were beyond their comprehension until quantum physics helped explain it in 1926. In 1894, irregularities in the movement of Sirius B led astronomers to consider that a third star, Sirius C, may exist and exert an influence on Sirius B’s orbit. It is still a matter of debate whether Sirius C exists or not .

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